Gluten Free Beer at The H&S!

We now stock not one, but two gluten free beers! Try them today!

You don’t have to be a celiac disease sufferer or follow any dietary restrictions to love these bottled beers, they are delicious and taste like “real” beer 100%. The only thing missing from them is gluten…

Gluten Free Beers at The Horse!

BrewDog Vagabond Pale Ale

This bottled American style pale ale is produced by BrewDog in Scotland. In this bitter delight a caramel malt base is fused with citrus and tropical hop flavours resulting in an extraordinarily great tasting pale ale, as you’d expect.


You’d think that a beer without gluten is not likely to be good, but think again! BrewDog has been infamous for it’s innovative beer making, being the creators of the world’s strongest beer, The End of History; Sunk Punk, or daring to boost their brews with banned substances, like in Never Mind the Anabolics. So let’s put our hands together, they’ve figured it out!

Vagabond’s main ingredients are: malted barley, Centennial and Amarillo hops, yeast and Scottish water. Having everything in there necessary, it is indeed a beer by every definition. The only thing missing from it is gluten! It comes with a easy to drink 4.5% ABV and is beautifully refreshing, a perfect summertime drink!

Estrella Daura Damm


The first gluten free beer ever, Daura Damm was launched 10 years ago and has since won numerous international beer awards… Similarly to BrewDog Vagabond, it is made with malted barley from which gluten is eleminated by “hydrolysation” a special process used during manufacturing. Estrella Daura is a Euro Pale Lager with an alcohol content at 5.4% ABV. If you like the original Estrella, mediterranean lager, you’ll love Daura too. It is straighforward, slightly sweet, bubbly and easy to drink!


Why Drink Gluten Free Beer?

Well, as mentioned before, even if you don’t suffer from celiac disease or follow any particular dietary restrictions, you can cut back on the carbs quite a bit by going gluten free! As you might already know, gluten is a protein found in bread, pasta and other common sources of starchy carbohydrates… It is well known that consuming too much carbs (and regular beer does have quite a bit!) can lead to weight gain. Avoiding carbs in contrast can help you stay lean… In short, you can drink as many gluten free beers as you want without having a “beer belly”! FANTASTIC!




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