UEFA 2016: Germany V France tonight, the winner plays Portugal for the UEFA Cup Final!

This year’s UEFA  delivered unexpected results thus far and this has made games particularly exciting, especially now as we enter the finals… Small, lesser known teams, such as Hungary and New Zealand has shown us that a nation’s GDP doesn’t necessarily predict their football capacities! After England’s shock loss to Iceland, we can at least be proud of the Welsh with their first ever participation in the European Championship and their outstanding achivement to making it to the semi-finals!

Germany won the UEFA 3 times in the past, while France twice… The match starts tonight at 8pm, don’t miss, without a doubt it’ll be a great game! The winner plays Portugal for this year’s UEFA FINAL…

Our £3.50 a Pint deal is on Monday to Friday, due to the Waterloo Food Fest celebrations giving you an extra reason to come out, and watch the football in large at the Pub!

See you guys soon!

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