Jolly Roger’s: Old-School Comedy on the Rise!

This fantastic, FREE and regular stand-up night by Jolly Roger’s Comedy Club is becoming increasingly popular and righteously so. The event boosts of a real genuine vibe, attracts great performers and is famous for the most various and strangest of acts… The atmosphere is perfect for socialising and the gigs are purposefully held on Mondays when you can binge on a selection of Beers for an Insane £3.50 a Pint!

There’s not much left to say, if you aren’t already sold, well… Instead, watch this vid by organisers, Michael Remick and George W. Appleton and don’t miss the next gig! Have we mentioned that it’s entirely free? … Or that there’s real cheap beer being sold at the bar from 5pm…?

The next gigs will be on the 4th & 18th of July!

From 7pm, upstairs at Our Fab Function Room… Join/Share Events on Facebook:

04/07/2016 – Jolly Roger’s Comedy Club >
18/07/2016 – Jolly Roger’s Comedy Club >

Jolly Roger's Comedy Club, Regularly at The H&S, Waterloo
Jolly Roger’s Comedy Club, Regularly at The H&S, Waterloo

Brave the Stage!

Let the guys know that you think you are funny, drop them an e-mail and let the audience decide… You can also join their jolly community on facebook, follow them on twitter or browse their official website for more vids and photos and all kinda other info and funny stuff!


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